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“If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers…let us make it good.” – Beta Ray Bill
All we make is to support you being the best you can be.



We are industry experts who support our customers in a small number of ways that make the greatest difference.  We work directly with end clients although most of what we offer is via  Strategic Partner. Clients vary in size. Some are very small, others are very large but commonly all need some support at some point and use third parties to do that.

I think James Gordon from Batman says it best when he says “You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same.” 

Summary of services

Compliance - GDPR (Data Protection) & PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry) 

Auditing - Helping you prepare by understanding what you don't know that you ought to know. 

ISO & Other frameworks - Cyber Essentials, ISO9001, 14001 & 27001 

Security - Physical and Virtual security services. 

IT hardware, software and support as a service. 

Training - On site and remote.



Following on from about us our services are grouped into one of four categories...

1 - Compliance - This can be a minefield. It can be expensive, time consuming and confusing. 

We offer services focused on GDPR (Data Protection) & PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry)  We work offering a number of services.

These include:

GAP Analysis

Data Mapping

Contract Review

Risk Assessment

Programme Planning


Policy and Process documentation

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

2 - Security - Another minefield. Cyber crime is seen as the third greatest threat globally today, but other security considerations are also needed. Physical security, end point security, training,in security (Do's & Do not's). Remote monitoring and security support. We work pragmatically with you to support you on all your security needs.

3 - IT hardware, software and support as a service - One fast growing area for us is in IT. The focus for us is providing IT infrastructure, software and support with Security & Compliance in mind. Our focus is on clients who may not have an IT manager ,or do, but they are time poor. The landscape is changing all the time and there are so many considerations today for them. We are here to support you in a number of unique ways.

4- Training - One thing we know from experience is that training is absolutely key to any successful organisation. We offer a number of training programmes that suit a number of settings delivered in a number of ways.

Web / remote based Training or on-site

1-1 training

Small group training.

Training is focused on GDPR, PCI-DSS, Cyber Security. 

New Hardware - If you want to pay for new hardware we won't stand in your way!

Professional Services. We offer a number of services that extend to a white labelled offering to our partners.

Training - We offer a wide range of training solutions for IT, Security and Compliance.​

Security - We ensure the right Security layers are in place be it physical or software based.

Pay as you grow - We can offer the above as a simple monthly subscription using one of our 5 funding partners. 

Print Management solutions - Printers, Secure Print - Workflow Optimisation, Auto file storage and hard copy paper storage solutions is something we have great experience with.

Frameworks - Many of our clients work with us because of the above but also cause of our long standing Compliance expertise. PCI-DSS & Data Protection are just two key areas. This extends ot framework support through Cyber Essentials and ISO frameworks (9,14/27001)


Join the fastest growing sector in IT

Fully supported, brand new or fully refurbished and warrantied next day replacement service. 

Upgraded and Refurbished IT provides a viable alternative option to new outside of just pricing benefits that all sectors benefit. Charity, not for profit, education as well as large estates that just need supported reliable end points such as a PC, Monitor or tablet device. 

You can save money purchasing equipment that typically falls 50% below equivalent new.  If you want 50+ units we have a try before you buy option. All our equipment is covered by our guaranteed next day service delivery and placement warranty for the full term of the subscription. Other options for peace of mind are available.

writing on computer


All of our services come with a qualified Consultant.

Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to their success. Be it IT, Compliance or Security we take every new customer as a bespoke client and work to deliver what you need.

Man Hands On Keyboard


For clients who take card payments

If you simply need advice or you are looking at Technology / SAQ to help comply with the latest guidelines then get in touch. Have access to QSA's and other leading experts. We have experience in levels 1-4 and all SAQ's.


Need access to Pragmatic support?

My clients use us for guidance on their own plans, policies and other docs. 

Services are varied but include:

GAP Analysis - where are you compared to where you need to be.

PLAN - Create a plan that you can execute or we can.

CONTRACTS - We help clients review supplier Contracts

DOCUMENTS - We review all policies, Notices and Process documentation. If needed we even create them

SECURITY - We work with frameworks such as ISO and Cyber Essentials to ensure security is front and centre of compliance practice 

Security as part of their compliance. GAP Audits, Health Checks or to do the lot!



Test - Design - Build - Support - Monitor

Our Clients work with us for all of their security needs. Be in Auditing, Penetration Testing, Product, Support, Consultancy, Monitoring.
Getting security right today takes collaboration and constant vigilance. We work through a practice of audit, training, policies, strategy, technology and common sense to help secure our clients landscape. Be it physical or virtual.


Print, Scan, File, Storage, Erasure

We work with clients who are looking for Document Management Solution. This may be as simple as replacing Printers but more commonly includes management, Legacy Paper Digitisation, OCR solutions, Secure Print, Auto filing and more.



What’s Being Said

We were looking for support on a security Project and knew just where to go. Mark remains a true professional.


CCTV, IT Infrastructure and Security PCI-DSS and GDPR are all solutions we have in place because of the support we have received.


Marks expertise has seen over 4000 people supported across the UK Diocese's. GDPR and Cyber Security

Church of England


Mark has helped keep us compliant with GDPR without it being overbearing complex. At the same time his ongoing support has seen us remain compliant ongoing


Marks continued support on Data Protection as DPO is invaluable. With over 11,000 employees that need support getting it right is imperative.

Salvation Army

With 16 care homes to support Mark and his team have ensured we remain technically and process led when it comes to workflow optimisation, security, Data Protection and Training

Frances Taylor Foundation

Mark has helped make a really complex issue simple and pragmatic. 

NATS (National Air Traffic Control)



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